Jumplight Farms Grocery Co-op
Jumplight Farms Grocery Coop (JFGC) is named for a remarkable man, Rev. Sherman “Jumplight” Thompson, PhD, a native son of Bullock County, Alabama, and my grandfather. His life touched many. His philosophy was simple, “Give a man a fish; you feed him for a day. So why not feed him the fish, while blessing him with a life skill.”

As a husband, father, soldier, educator, philosopher and pastor he remained true to his roots, the son of a Native American mother and a first generation freed slave. His upbringing taught him sustainability is survival. He generously passed those principles on to his children, grands, and great-grands.:

          • Generosity will always come back to you.
          • Nature takes care of us; all we need is there. So take care of her.
          • Opportunities are valuable. Do not just take them; be willing to give them.
          • Food changes lives. Feast or famine, food has shaped history.
          • Community is family. Serve it well.

Traveling the country with my grandfather, he never missed an opportunity to show me the beauty and strength of our heritage. JFGC is the brainchild of our long walks and talks. Our goal was to provide affordable, quality products and entrepreneurial opportunities to our community, improving our little corner of the world.

It is my honor to carry on, though he is no longer with me, and bring this venture to the East Lake community and surrounding neighborhoods. Collaborating with local farmers, food buying clubs/organizations, and
local artisans, with the hope Jumplight Farms Grocery Coop brings about sustainable change to a community that has become home.

Buy local,

Kimberly Thompson Jeanty

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